Validator Campaign is Live

2 min readMar 29, 2024

Validator Campaign on our official Zealy Space is now live. Starting from today, we welcome you to join the campaign, and become one of the top participants that will get a role of Prom DAO Validator. The campaign would last till the end of the Prom’s testnet.

Let’s recap the rules and the essence of the Prom Validator role.

Who are Validators in Prom DAO Structure?

Validators form a special second layer of Prom DAO above regular DAO members and delegates that reviews the proposals that have passed the initial voting phase. Validators are responsible for maintaining the right vision of the product development. Number of Validators is much more limited than the number of Delegates, and they are essentially shareholders of the network that get a significant 2% share of the total network fees.

If you feel like you need some more background on the DAO structure, dive into a detailed dedicated article here.

How To Get Started?

Validator Campaign runs in the official Prom’s Zealy Space. All the participants are welcome to complete Prom-related quests and gain Zealy points. The final leaderboard would be formed based on the amount of points of each participant.

If you’ve missed the main campaign announcement, you can also check out the full breakdown here, including full rules, tasks description, and Zealy level system.

To start participating:

  1. Enter the official Prom’s Zealy Space
  2. Connect your wallet and create a Zealy account
  3. Proceed with the campaign tasks: you can track the current position on the leaderboard by entering “Leaderboard” section, points for claimed quests update automatically after they get accepted.

Reward Distribution

The role of Prom DAO Validator would be contributed to the top campaign participants. Shortly after the mainnet launch, Prom DAO will start functioning and Validators, alongside with Delegates, will be able to start contributing to the network development and earn their share of fees.

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