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Hey there, Prom fam! Spring is in the air, the sun is shining, and joy is in our hearts. So, let’s keep the vibes up and explore the fun side of GameFi. Check the top 9 strangest titles we have prepared for you!


Do you remember the classy ‘Doge meme’ trend? There is a set of games inspired by it: users acquire NFT pet doges with varying rarity levels, train them, and send them to battle with other players to get rewards in $TAMA, the ecosystem’s utility token.

Tamadodge has Y2K visuals and exciting gameplay with such games as To The Moon and Super Dodge. Meanwhile, the ecosystem grants enthusiasts numerous earning opportunities. For instance, the ones who get the most points monthly are gifted with some additional $TAMA. So, one can literally meme-to-earn!

Donkey Dash

Yuga Labs presented a monkey poop game related to Bored Ape Yacht Club. In this title, users need to save the key. The title has amazing visuals and breathtaking gameplay.

Once you start it, you dive into an endless runner, the difficulty constantly increasing. The aim is to collect items called fragments and get away from problems!


Have you ever thought that a blockchain game could stop global warming? Neither have we. However, Ecoterra does its best, being the first recycle-to-earn title. Users can monetize their eco-friendly actions, tracked by a special app and added to their profiles. Every recyclable item equals some amount of crypto.

Meanwhile, the project aims to reduce the carbon footprint with a particular marketplace and motivate people to buy recycled materials like plastic, aluminum, and glass with crypto. So brave and unusual, we stan!

Supper Club

The first rule of the club is to eat as much as possible. However, if you want crypto rewards for this, you should go to your fav restaurants! The game is constantly dropping new collaborations. So, you can also broaden your gastronomic outlook.

The weird dream game of food fans is also fit for the ones new to blockchain and offers comfy tutorials.


Futuristic, bizarre, and out of this world — meet ERTHA, a game where one can get lifetime revenues in the delusive 3D realms of a brand-new planet.

Being a next-gen simulation, ERTHA enables players to dive into a real-life environment and simulate actions common to reality. For instance, one can become a Businessman, a Scientist, or a Warrior, upgrade their skills, and earn. What makes the game weird? Its visuals and approach to real-life replication. RBTL!

Meme Lordz

Any meme fans here? There is a game entirely devoted to them. Users are welcome to start a retro wave journey exploring Planet Memnon, fighting with each other, completing tasks, and doing their best to immortalize Meme Lordz as collectible NFTs.

The storyline is so long ( 80+ hours), and the lore is so rich that users are destined to have much fun. However, to nail the game and earn crypto, you should complete quests, collect items, and train Lordz.

Wolf Game

Sometimes conventional stories turn unconventional. This is one of them. Just imagine: the Sheep gang wants to live on the Farm quietly, but wicked Wolves have other plans. It seems E123, isn’t it? But this is only the beginning, and adventures are waiting!

Thanks to its weirdly cute visuals, catchy characters, and humorous spots, players will surely enjoy this game. Meanwhile, they should make the most of their strategic thinking to expand their packs and earn $WOOL.

DRC Metaverse

Vampires were bop in the 2000s. Now Y2K aesthetics is back and Dracula is everywhere with diabolical beauties, hungry bloodseekers, and virtuous knights trying to save humanity.

You can join any team. Just remember all the classy horror movies and decide whether you would save the world or destroy it, killing people and drinking their blood. Choose your character, acquire vampire, demon, or human characteristics, and explore the gothic world. On your journey, you will complete tasks and earn crypto with weirdly nostalgic vibes and unpredictably Minecraft-like visuals.


You may think that Highstreet is a conventional metaverse. However, this project has a special flavor, game mechanics, and details that make it no-cap weird. For instance, you can travel using Solarboards, unveil secrets, and communicate freely. Meanwhile, you can fight, build homes, and get cute pets. The peculiar thing is that on your journey, you will be guided by cute ducks. Wig!


As you see, the world of GameFi has bizarre titles to explore. Learn more about them with Prom: subscribe to our socials and stay tuned!

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