The Power Of Unity

3 min readMay 1, 2023

We all enjoy blockchain titles, but don’t pay attention to the software they are made with. Let’s unveil the mystery: contemporary gaming, including GameFi, has much to do with Unity. Hold on tight and learn more about this engine!

Unity In A Nutshell

Designed by Unity Technologies in 2005 and built on C# programming language, Unity is a top cross-platform game engine that fits nearly all devices, from smartphones to VR options.


  • This software is said to be top. FYI, we’ve collected some of its significant benefits.
  • Unity enables creators to make the most of the integrated development environment (IDE) with excellent tutorials and 3D and 2D graphics support.
  • It has special tools and API scripts, shaders with the Shader Graph with numerous effects, and other gaming essentials.
  • The program is very convenient to use. For instance, it has a Hierarchy tool that enables users to add several objects to one parent player character object.
  • It is a bop option for game development newbies: the basic plan is free for individuals and small teams operating with up to $100K in funding or revenue within the previous year.


Indeed, every program has its cons, and Unity is no exception:

  • It is regarded as a performance-intensive tool and tends to fit the freshest devices first.
  • It operates as a complex system that demands much computer space.
  • Though the product keeps upgrading and upgrading, it has limitations, especially in terms of high-polygon 3D assets.


Despite some disadvantages, Unity slays and stays viral: according to research, 50% of all mobile games, such as Pokemon Go, are made with this engine. In its report for 2022, the company claimed that about 230K developers make and operate approximately 750K with its software. Meanwhile, GMTA and Unity are efficiently applied in non-gaming industries, including AI development and film.

Unity in GameFi

Being widely used in blockchain gaming, Unity made a breakthrough move this year and introduced tools that meet the needs of GameFi developers. It supports various blockchains such as Ethereum and TRON and includes 13 software development kits for integrating blockchain services. The update is relevant for Algorand, MetaMask, Solana, Immutable X, and others. For instance, their developers will be able to manage NFTs and craft smart contracts in a more comfortable way.

For players, the combo means that their in-game experiences will skyrocket in terms of convenience, ownership, and mechanics. Meanwhile, the launch of next-gen games with the best GameFi mechanics and Unity technologies will also be boosted. Thus, the industry is expected to prosper.

However, blockchain gaming already has hundreds of catchy titles made with Unity. The list of them includes The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Corners of Space. You may already know a lot about the first two titles, so we recommend you to check the third one, an upcoming roguelike game with a snatched space setting, F2P and P2E options, and an experimental economy.


Unity unites developers and players from both Web2 and Web3 realms. Thus, this dream software is likely to bring more catchy titles. Stay tuned to discover them with Prom!

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