The Past And The Future Of Metaverses

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WAZUP, GameFi enthusiasts! Have you checked the Insider’s obituary for the Metaverse? The magazine claims that the meta dream is over. We decided to check whether this sensation was true and conducted our research. Let’s get the details.

The Obituary In A Nutshell

According to Ed Zitron, the CEO of EZPR, this March, the Metaverse died. Even the key enthusiast of digital reality, Mark Zuckerberg, claimed his company would like to focus on artificial intelligence instead of their Meta dream. However, the hype about AI was not the only reason for the decay. Let’s highlight the past of the Metaverse that encouraged the Insider to declare its death.

The Past

Firstly, metaverses, widely advertised as something out of this world, revolutionary, and promising, didn’t meet early adopters’ expectations due to the low-quality realization.

Secondly, the concept faced an identity crisis. Users and investors didn’t manage to give one definition of a metaverse. Thus, portraying products’ target audiences and clear use cases was hard.

Thirdly, it didn’t gain enough popularity. For instance, Decentraland was reported to have only around 38 daily active users, and Horizon Worlds had about 200,000 monthly active users. TIOE!

Our Research

To check whether the Metaverse was really over, we explored the market and investigated experts’ opinions.

Some say the buzz is over after its peak caused by Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about the revolutionary 3D world to be formed. He started a loud trend that can be compared to a bop. When bops lose their positions in charts, one may think they are now forgotten. However, people continue listening to them, buying albums, and visiting their creators’ concerts.

So, not-hyped technologies also keep growing, even if they are off the front page. For instance, this has already happened to cryptocurrency after the Bitcoin rush. You see: metaverses still exist, upgrade, and bring revenues. The difference is it is going without a big talk. Currently, AI is stealing the scene, and most investors go for it.

The Fire Combo

Experts admit that AI can skyrocket the development of the digital world. For example, it can help generate detailed environments and enhance user interactions. As a result, they will finally have next-gen realistic and immersive experiences that metaverses claim to provide their audiences with.

Next, AI can make the Metaverse accessible to any enthusiasts and, thus, all-inclusive, broadening its audience. Then, such AI tools as accurate automatic translation can break social boundaries and enable people worldwide to communicate and collaborate efficiently. Consequently, the efficiency of metaverses is about to grow, providing companies from different industries with high-key opportunities.

The Future

In the report by Grand View Research, the global metaverse market size is expected to reach more than $900 billion by 2030. This prognosis matches business analytics recommendations for companies to represent themselves in metaverses as soon as possible. The thing is that soon, with the broader adoption of the AI and Metaverse win-win combo, they can significantly strengthen their positions.


The Insider’s obituary portrait facts, but they were mostly related to Mark Zuckerberg’s former metaverse depiction and the increasing popularity of AI. In reality, there is no decay of the Metaverse; it is only the beginning of its journey that will be smoother and brighter with AI.

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