The Most Anticipated GameFi Projects To Be Released In 2023

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What’s up, community? The GameFi party is going on, and the industry is about to glow up in 2023 with lit projects to play and earn. Prom has checked socials, forums, and reviews to spill the tea about the most anticipated ones. Hold on tight to meet them!


If you fancy MMORPG options, you will likely enjoy Plutonians, the game built on Solana blockchain and offering multiple exciting missions, impressive visuals, an inspiring plot, and fancy items. In these intergalactic realms, users will be welcome to protect humankind’s heritage, battle, and earn.


Those who appreciate the idea of playing god will be able to rule the world of cute Doods, build societies, upgrade planets, experiment with the powers of nature, meet avatars, and even destroy civilizations. Thus, this project is likely to become iconic! You can start exploring the Apeiron world on Prom.


SageVerse is a “Martial Arts Fantasy” with MetaMMORPG experiences that aims to build a strong GameFi community and provide players with lit earning options. Moreover, the project is claimed to be comfortable for Web 2 gamers making their first steps forward to Web 3.

Outer Ring

Based on the Outer Ring Saga, Outer Ring is a catchy 3rd person MMORPG, where five species, divided into four different factions, will do their best to gain control of resources and planets. Users will have much fun, realize their boldest sci-fi dreams, and benefit from the community-driven economy. Dive into sci-fi using Prom.

Big Time

Already in the early access phase, Big Time is widely regarded as the most anticipated blockchain gaming project to go public in 2023. Users will travel, fight the evil corporation that owns Time, cooperate, and do their best to save the world. The exciting lore, gameplay, and promising revenues guarantee GameFi enthusiasts’ main characters’ vibes and dope experiences: read more on Big Time.

Elfin Kingdom

Cute games are G.O.A.T., and the Elfin Kingdom is no exception! With its striking visuals, heroes, and adventures, this project has already attracted much attention. Meanwhile, unique quests, sweet Elfins, and a flexible storyline boost its potential and encourage more GameFi enthusiasts to test it.


Those who appreciate dank metaverses with life experiences and profits will be able to make the most of MetaVision, the world that consists of MetaStreet, MetaLands, Tron, and Vision. The main perks of the project are the high-quality visuals, V.R. options, and earning mechanics.

The Harvest

Players much into the MOBA and Battle Royale aesthetic are looking forward to joining The Harvest. The project will give players well-designed characters, snatched visuals, and worthy earning mechanics. Visit Prom to learn more.

Taunt Battleworld

This auto-battler fighting game will fit those who stan apocalyptical aesthetics, want to deal with the Old Gods, and know the ropes of shaping efficient strategies. Meanwhile, the immersive social platform represents itself as a project that “is full of surprises”. This year, we will be able to unveil some of them.

Legends of Elysium

Fantasy lovers of classy cardboard games are welcome to enjoy Legends of Elysium. In this Hearthstone-inspired project, one can polish their battle styles with multiple cards, upgrade heroes, and earn in multiple modes. Prepare for the journey with our detailed FAQ section.


With this list of promising projects and other legit options, Prom believes that GameFi will flourish in 2023. So, stay tuned to see impressive launches and collaborations!

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