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DYOR, meaning do your own research, is one of the most popular acronyms in the crypto space due to the level of manipulation from external influence and the increasing rise of fraudulent projects in the crypto world.

The number of rug pulls the cryptocurrency ecosystem has experienced recently is alarming. This shows the need to support projects solving real life problems, advancing blockchain mainstream adoption, and empowering people through web 3.

The most recent scam in the cryptocurrency ecosystem is the EthereumMax rug pull. The token rode primarily on the influence of top celebrities, predominantly Kim Kardashian and Floyd Mayweather, which ended up hurting their fans, the image of various celebrities involved, and potentially their finances.

Despite the number of deceitful projects attempting to scam people and gaining media attention, there is also an increasing number of blockchain projects revolutionizing our world through different innovations across all walks of life.

One of these projects is Promify, an innovative platform that transforms social media experience for both creators and their audience. Whilst building Promify, we aimed to bridge the communication and reward gap between celebrities, creators, fans and web 2 platforms.

We believe the current system does not offer enough reward to celebrities and their fans, rather all platform creators are the ones truly benefiting from both parties. This is why we are passionate about promoting fair play for all parties involved and provide a platform that allows celebrities and their audience to interact on a deeper level.

Why Do We Stand Out

We realised that the current social media platforms could be improved for both celebrities and their fans: there was space for something new and different. This insight is what fuels all we do at Promify!

Every community coin is uniquely designed for each celebrity, and the token use case is limited within their community space. Prometeus Labs Ventures, the company behind the Promify platform, does not own or control any of the community coins. Rather, we earn through PROM token, which requires the community’s growth to generate income.

Additionally, all celebrities automatically own 15% of their token through a vested schedule, which is referred to as creators share and serves as a drive for growth of the token value for the creators.

Besides increasing personal relationships and rewarding fan loyalty, these coins also serve as a means of earning for both celebrities and fans. Furthermore, the community coins are valued alongside one another in a transparent system — a winning situation.

Finally, maximizing opportunities offered by Promify is highly simplified and designed for maximum convenience. All that is required is two clicks on any mobile device for both parties to be involved. Relating with your favourite celebrities has never been so easy and safe.

In conclusion, the key to Promify’s success is about building strong partnerships with artists/creators where we want to encourage them to explore new ways of communication with their audience. After all, it’s their Name, Fame, Coin and rules, we are just providing a path and a framework.

Be a part of Promify; redefine celebrity and fan moments.

Gaming NFT marketplace & rental. Rent, trade, earn, repeat. Join the community:

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Gaming NFT marketplace & rental. Rent, trade, earn, repeat. Join the community: