Prom X Tank Wars Zone

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Do you like exciting battles with impressive well-equipped tanks? Hold on tight to make the most of them with our new partnership!

Prom x Tank Wars Zone

Prom adores people-oriented ambitious projects which plan big and do their best to turn GameFi into an industry with dreamy opportunities for anyone. Thus, we always pay attention to games with low entry thresholds, community-driven economies, and artsy universes. Tank Wars Zone has all these characteristics. Meanwhile, designed by true blockchain gaming lovers, this project also has incredible expertise and development potential that is sure to inspire our users. So, we have partnered to embrace you with enthralling battles and extraordinary profits!

To keep your Tank Wars Zone journey, Prom has added the game FAQ, and we are already listing the NFT you need to start earning. Next, we are going to work on excellent activities and events. Just wait for a while and learn the information about the project!

About Tank Wars Zone

Being the first community validator on Fantom, the Tank Wars Zone founding team created the game to make P2E gaming accessible to enthusiasts worldwide. Thus, there is a free-to-play mode, low-cost assets, and multiple ways of monetization.

Diverse in terms of gaming opportunities, Tank Wars Zone currently offers three modes, including Practice, PvE, and PvP. Meanwhile, players can dive later into MOBA, Guild Wars, Tank Championship, and Battle Royale modes.

Users can play to earn the game tokens, receive passive income by renting out their tanks to other players, or create new generations of NFTs to use or sell on the game marketplace. Currently, the game is also available on Android so you can play whenever and wherever. Are you intrigued? Learn more about the project from our detailed guide.

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