Prom x Subsquid Co-Point Event

2 min readApr 5, 2024

Following our recent Subsquid integration, we’ve taken a significant step forward in enhancing the Web3 development experience. This collaboration empowers developers on the Prom platform to utilize the Subsquid SDK for rapid indexer setup, granting access to vital on-chain information through a singular, decentralized data lake.

Introducing Our Co-Point Event

In celebration of this milestone, we’re thrilled to introduce a co-point event, a unique opportunity for our community members to engage with both platforms and earn rewards for their participation.

This event is a great opportunity to explore the expanded capabilities of the Prom ecosystem, now supercharged with Subsquid’s data solutions. By taking part, you’ll experience firsthand the combined power and efficiency of Prom and Subsquid while also integrating into both communities.

How It Works

Participate in our co-point event to earn points on two fronts, reflecting the collaborative spirit of Prom and Subsquid:

Earn Galxe Points on Subsquid Galxe and Mint PRC-20 Tokens on Prom Forge:

- Mint a PRC-20 token on Prom Forge following this link:

- Follow Prom:

Earn Prom Testnet Points and Zealy Points for the Prom Validator Campaign:

- Follow Subsquid on social media platforms following this link:

- Mint an ERC-721 token on Prom Forge following this link:

About Subsquid

Subsquid is a decentralized data lake known for its efficiency in querying and aggregating vast amounts of on-chain and off-chain data, powered by ZK proofs.

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