Prom x DWF Labs

2 min readDec 22, 2023


We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with DWF Labs, a leader in digital asset market making and Web3 investments. This collaboration marks a pivotal step in our mission to innovate and expand in the world of Web3 gaming.

Common Ground

Being innovators in the Web3 gaming world, we constantly seek to blend cutting-edge technology with immersive gaming experiences. Our journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a commitment to redefine Web3 gaming norms. Joining forces with DWF Labs, known for their strategic insight and deep understanding of the digital asset landscape, sets the stage for an exciting era of innovation and growth in Web3 gaming.

Partnership Goals

Our partnership with DWF Labs goes beyond sharing ideas; it focuses on implementing actionable strategies and achieving tangible results. Together, we plan to delve into comprehensive market analysis and integration of the latest technology to enhance user experience.

A key aspect of our collaboration is the mutual exchange of expertise: leveraging Prom’s innovative approach in the gaming sector with DWF Labs’ strategic insights into digital assets. This synergy of knowledge and skills is poised to drive innovation and establish new standards in the Web3 gaming space.

Marketing and Community Engagement Initiatives

Looking ahead, we’re gearing up for a series of marketing initiatives and community engagement activities. These plans will be designed to raise brand awareness and to actively involve our community in this exciting new chapter.

About DWF Labs

DWF Labs is the global digital asset market maker and multi-stage Web3 investment firm, one of the world’s largest high-frequency cryptocurrency trading entities, which trades spot and derivatives markets on over 60 top exchanges.

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About Prom

Prom is the primary access point to the Web3 gaming ecosystem. With a robust marketplace at its core for trading and exchanging NFT assets, Prom offers an array of services including rental and mortgage solutions, comprehensive asset management tools, and an educational section with in-depth guides.

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