Prom X ChainGPT

2 min readApr 15, 2023

Hello, friends! We live in the epoch of AI and GPT, don’t you agree? They make our life more efficient and fun. Meanwhile, they can also upgrade our GameFi experiences. YGTR: Prom has partnered with ChainGPT, a unique AI model designed for the blockchain world. Let’s reveal the details!

Prom X ChainGPT

As you know, we appreciate forward-looking projects founded by expert teams of true enthusiasts who want to reshape blockchain and can significantly contribute to the development of GameFi. That’s why as soon as we learned about ChainGPT, we decided to team up with them for something special.

Now we are strategic partners, working hard to exchange our market knowledge, find ways to refine our users’ experience, and, who knows, maybe even to integrate brand-new AI solutions to Prom.

About ChainGPT

Blockchain is diverse, complex, and constantly evolving, attracting more and more users. Aimed to help the community, ChainGPT creators explored the market, found its main problems, and crafted a unique project. Now one can get all the needed blockchain knowledge in a click, from the basics to something comprehensive.

Meanwhile, ChainGPT enables its users to shape or enhance services. For this, it offers multiple efficient tools, including a no-code smart contract generator, a smart-contract auditor, a code debugger, a code-to-words service, a documentation creator, chart analysis & technical analysis tools, AML features, and other options. In other words, ChainGPT has numerous fit use cases! Explore them and stay tuned to learn more about our exciting partnerships, events, and updates.

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