Prom X BurgerCities

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Have you heard that GameFi adventures can be yummy? Meet BurgerCities, the whole universe of straight-up fire burgers. Hold on tight and explore it with Prom!

Prom X BurgerCities

As you know, Prom stans bussin’ projects that challenge GameFi with new standards and approaches. So, we are thrilled to partner with BurgerCities, the true game-changer in the BNB Chain realms. Let’s reveal what we are planning.

Our work together will include the exchange of experiences, the upgrade of expertise, and exciting activities for the community. And, surely, we will list the game’s assets soon and provide you with a detailed guide on its mechanics.

About BurgerCities

Being a BNB Chain-based project, BurgerCities started with Burger Swap and evolved into a revolutionary one-stop metaverse with multiple boujee features. Here one gets to create unique heroes, complete tasks, build homes, and earn exploring the three mysterious buildings.

They include the Black Market, the Energy Plant, and the Central Bank, which help the in-game economy bloom. The Black Market is a cross-chain decentralized exchange, the Energy Plant is the project’s liquidity provider, and the Central Bank is the mining aggregator.

Meanwhile, BurgerCities is more than a fun game to play and earn. With its strong DeFi and NFT options, the project sets new standards for the BNB Chain and has the potential to inspire more metaverses built on the same network.

Are you ready to dive into the delicious metaverse? Stay tuned not to miss more announcements and learn about the upcoming events with Prom!

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