Prom x Bailsec

2 min readMar 20, 2024


We’re excited to unveil our first Security Partner, Bailsec, a leading provider of Smart Contract Audits and Security services. This integration is a significant step in our journey to build a secure ecosystem. Bailsec brings an unparalleled expertise of ensuring the safety and integrity of Web3 products that will transmit to every user interacting with our protocol.

Common Ground

Recognizing the importance of security in modern blockchain realms, our alliance with Bailsec is designed to strengthen our ecosystem and offer projects within our network access to top-tier services. Bailsec’s track record of over 300 successful audits and their team of seasoned senior auditors underscore their commitment to excellence in safeguarding blockchain innovations.

Partnership Goals

As our partner, Bailsec brings a major impact to our ecosystem, providing special benefits and prioritized services to projects building on Prom.

By integrating Bailsec’s expertise directly into our network, we ensure total safety of every transaction and data. This integration aligns with our proactive approach in addressing security challenges, offering our community the assurance that no single piece of data would be disclosed.

Stay tuned for further updates on how this strategic collaboration will continue to build top-level privacy throughout Prom’s ecosystem.

About Prom

Prom is a modular ZkEVM Layer 2 that enables interoperability across various chains, including both EVM and non-EVM compatible networks. Prom submits its proof of transaction to the additional chains on top of the chosen Settlement chain, building the bridge between ecosystems.

About Bailsec:

Bailsec proudly features a team exclusively composed of seasoned senior auditors, led by Charles Wang.

Together, they’ve conducted over 300 prominent and highly complex audits.

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