Prom Will List Legends of Elysium NFTs

The fascinating world of Orcs and Elves will embrace you soon with battles and adventures: Legends of Elysium is already represented at Prom and waiting for a big journey to start!

Prom x Legends of Elysium

Prom has added Legends of Elysium to the “Coming Soon” section and will list its NFTs as soon as the game is launched. To give it a try, make the most of variable assets. Next, explore our guide on the project’s mechanics, modes, and monetization strategies.

Prom believes that our collaboration is a win-win game. On the one hand, Legends of Elysium will reach a wider audience. On the other hand, we will increase GameFi awareness by presenting a high-quality project and, consequently, boost the market competition. Next, we are going to exchange our expertise, explore users’ needs, and shape a close-knit community of avid GameFi players.

About Legends of Elysium

Designed by DA Games, Legends of Elysium is a fresh strategy and a fusion of a card and board game with an exciting storyline and new NFT mechanics. The project offers five game modes: the Adventure, the Tournament, the Friendly Duel, the Battlefield, and the Guild War.

To start playing, users can choose heroes with different characteristics, including such races as Orcs, Humans, and Dark Elves, and such classes as warriors, mages, and archers. Next, one needs to upgrade them by completing multiple tasks. When heroes reach the second level, they automatically turn into NFTs that can be traded between players. Meanwhile, to have good chances of winning, gamers should work on their cards which have different rarity levels, including common, rare, epic, and legendary.

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