Prom V1: The Journey is About to Start

3 min readSep 14, 2022


We all have been waiting for Prom, asking tricky questions, and trying to unveil its secrets. And finally, tomorrow, on the 15th of September, you will be ready to enjoy the first version of our one-of-a-kind cross-functional platform. Prom’s journey will start at 11:00 UTC. So, hold on tight, and learn more details!

The Marketplace

This Fall is the right time to fall for GameFi and start earning with our first version of the Marketplace where users can buy or sell NFTs. To prove it, let’s check its main advantages.


Being a completely decentralized platform, Prom has no central servers and doesn’t collect or store any personal data. Moreover, we manually check and verify all game metadata.

Sorting Options

Prom cares about your experience. Thus, to simplify your search, save time, and maximize efficiency, we have added sorting by games and exact NFTs.

Convenient Buying

With Prom’s Marketplace, you can acquire different games’ NFTs in one transaction. Thus, you don’t need to create any extra accounts. Meanwhile, thanks to our smart contract which works as a delivery agent on behalf of Prom users, our aggregator always shows all the available assets without any mistakes or time legs. This contract plugs into other marketplaces and drains the order book.


Prom’s Marketplace is the quickest way to acquire assets. For instance, when a user wants to purchase an NFT and confirm it via MetaMask, our proxy contract emulates their activity, goes to the original marketplace, and instantly delivers an NFT to their wallet.

Simple Listing

If you want to sell your assets at a profit, you are welcome to present NFTs at Prom Marketplace which doesn’t charge any hidden fees. Meanwhile, you should consider that you can list only NFTs of the games already presented on the platform. Though Prom is going to expand its list of games, currently, there are three of them. Let’s briefly explore them.

Games To Play

Prom has already listed three amazing games for you to play and earn. They all are different, exciting, and, noteworthy, have affordable floor prices. Thus, with this selection, you are likely to try new genres and profit. Just meet MetaSoccer, Elpis Battle, and Tiny World!


Being the first GameFi soccer, MetaSoccer enables gamers to earn in a real-life style. For example, players can bet, scout football players, train and even trade them.

Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle is a classy turn-based game that offers suspenseful tasks and catchy characters to explore in the realms of a fantastic world.

Tiny World

Those who appreciate RPG and idle games are sure to enjoy Tiny World where every player has a chance to earn by acquiring Mystery Runes and completing tasks.

Help Center

If you are new to the P2E world or seek more information, visit our Help Center to explore our simple and detailed guides on everything you may need. In case you have any special questions or need some help, be sure to contact us via the request form.

More Things To Come

The first version has limited features: we want to test the essentials and keep upgrading them while adding other impressive ones. Thus, the Marketplace will expand, develop new tools, and provide you with new opportunities to earn. Meanwhile, we will be constantly updating the platform and adding new features. They all will be efficient and important, and some of them will be really huge. For instance, we are going to launch our Rental soon. This option will enable you to rent and lend assets safely. But now be sure to check the Marketplace. Your experience will help us to define our pros and cons. Thus, we will be able to polish Prom and become the first and the best cross functional Web3 gaming platform.

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