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3 min readAug 4, 2022


In the diverse world of blockchain, every project has its utility token blessed with specific use cases that upgrade the holder’s experience. PROM is not an exception: our currency has been designed to lead platform users on their P2E journey in terms of cost-effectiveness, convenience, governance, and profits. Each of these aspects is vital for any GameFi enthusiast. Thus, we would like to briefly highlight them in this article.

Half-Price Fees

Holding PROM is a good way to spin out money and pay significantly lower commissions. For instance, token holders get a discount on fees for platform services. If they set PROM as the fees coverage method, it will be burnt to reduce the total sum of payment. Consequently, users can save their resources and, for instance, spend them on more assets.

Convenient Payment Method

One of the most distinctive features of PROM is that the token can be used as a convenient payment method for the NFT marketplace and rental. Thus, users don’t have to keep different currencies to match each project. All of the assets can be acquired with the help of the same token and from the same wallet.

Multifaceted Governance

The main benefit of PROM is that being a governance token, it enables Prom users to form a decentralized community where all holders have equal rights and the power to improve and influence the project’s development. Thus, they can vote on important decisions that determine Prom’s future. For instance, they can change fees, choose what games to add to the marketplace, what projects to exclude, and which game collections to reward with additional incentives.

Importantly, every token holder can initiate a proposal to be voted on. All votes are open and transparent. Meanwhile, PROM tokens are fairly distributed, so there will be no one-vote election. Consequently, no cheating can occur.

Access to LaunchPad

PROM is a must to access LaunchPad, an efficient tool we will explain to you soon. But now, let’s open up its main features: for projects, LaunchPad is aimed to be a perfect source of attracting new users. Users will be able to contribute to the development of numerous P2E projects at an affordable cost and monetize their interest. The exact PROM threshold needed to enjoy LaunchPad’s options will be announced soon in a special article about the service.


As you see, we have worked hard to design a truly efficient utility token and make it a win-win option for all its holders. As a result, we have issued PROM, the currency aimed to boost all your Prom and gaming experiences. For instance, it is a good way to save money, increase profits, and contribute to the development of the project and the whole P2E industry. However, PROM is not our only achievement: we have more impressive options to explore. To be convinced, explore the platform and read our articles.

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