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2 min readMar 27, 2024

We’re introducing the Prom Button Game, our own twist on the popular “Bitcoin Button Game” hosted by Binance. It’s a strategic game where timing is everything, and each participant’s goal is to be the last to press the “Prom” button within an hourly window. The best part? it’s not just the final clicker who wins big — we’re also randomly rewarding other players just for joining in the fun. Everyone gets a shot at the prizes, making every round exciting for everyone involved.

Below, we detail the rules and rewards of our version, encouraging players to strategize their button presses to win PROM tokens. This game not only tests your patience and timing but also integrates seamlessly with the Prom ecosystem, offering a fun way to engage with our platform.

Prom Button Game will go live on March 29. Until then, check out the detailed game mechanics and start developing your strategy for the launch.

The Game Mechanics

Each participant gets 10 chances to press the Prom button. Every round duration is 1 hour. Here’s where it gets interesting: you can press the button at any moment, but only the final click during the round counts for the grand prize of 1 PROM. However, it’s not just about the last press — the game also rewards players at random with 0.1 PROM every round, making every attempt a potential win.

It’s a game of patience and strategy, as each press costs 0.1 test PROM, adding a layer of decision-making on when to use your limited attempts.

Hourly Rewards

With each new round, the game resets, offering more chances to win. The excitement builds every hour as 1 PROM goes to the last person to press the button. Not just that, but 10 lucky players who participated within the hour also receive 0.1 PROM, making every attempt a chance to win.

The Grand Prize

As the testnet phase comes to a close, the stakes get even higher. The last user to press the button before we transition from testnet to mainnet secures an additional 100 PROM, adding a thrilling endgame twist.

Claiming Your Rewards

All earned PROM tokens are virtual during the testnet phase, and will be claimable assets once we move to the mainnet. This transition marks not just a technical upgrade but also the moment your virtual earnings become real stakes in our ecosystem.

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