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Dear community, you haven’t heard anything from us for a while, but there is a big cause for it. We have been working hard to make the most of our project, expand its functions, and embrace all the needs of the quickly changing industry. As the result of numerous analyses and deep research, we decided to reshape our former concept, make a fresh start, and frame it in a novel way.

Now we are back with some important and pleasant news! In this article, we will tell you about the major changes we’ve made, explain the causes of our decision, and treat you with an amazing announcement.

What we’ve Done

The industry is changing very quickly: it gets more user-friendly, brings new opportunities, and, consequently, boosts new challenges. In a couple of years, the development of NFT gaming and metaverses attracted thousands of people with personal goals and attitudes toward the potential of NFTs. To meet their interests, we were constantly exploring the field. Finally, we distinguished the main pains, needs, and goals of users.

On our way, we launched several projects and significantly expanded our gaming expertise. For instance, at the end of 2021, we presented Tuzanye, a P2E guild with incredible trainers and scholars. However, we knew that it was only the beginning. So, we kept on conducting research and diving into the industry. As a result, we discovered that it needed a product that would be useful both for the NFT gaming and metaverse industries, something that would be a real change. We explored all the opportunities and set a lofty goal.

Lofty Goal

To understand our goal better, you should learn more about the current situation. The NFT gaming industry is expanding at a breathtaking pace. Meanwhile, metaverses develop too. Technologies advance, games and guilds enter the market, and players join in daily. As a result, the number of opportunities grows, but the number of problems grows too. Probably, all the people involved in NFT gaming and interested in metaverses face them. For instance, NFTs advance in price, lending becomes more complicated, borrowing gets up, and the industry still lacks any guides on how to get onboard efficiently.

Inspired by the growth and potential of NFT gaming and metaverses, we analyzed the current situation, took all the existing and potential issues into consideration, and set ourselves a new goal. Now we want to make a product that will solve all the problems and prevent the ones the future may bring, something that will be like the well-known Steam for traditional games, but in the realms of Web 3.0. In a word, we aim to shape a comfortable ecosystem where every person interested in NFT gaming and metaverses will benefit from them at their most. Both professionals and beginners will have fit experiences and enjoy the high-quality expertise.

You may think that this concept somehow correlates with all the stuff we’ve been doing before, but please, don’t tie yourself in knots. To avoid any misunderstanding, we’ve deleted all our former publications. So, embrace the change: our new goal is significantly bigger than the previous one. Consequently, it requires a fundamental restructuring of the whole product. We’ve already reshaped our strategy and approach. To get the gist of it, just learn our new name.

Brand-new Name

Our new name consists of two elements: the past and the future. As you may know, our company is named Prometeus Labs. This is a reference to the Greek titan god Prometheus, famous for bringing fire to people. His deed solved lots of problems and boosted the development of humans. Inspired by this hero and aimed to bring fire of possibilities to the NFT gaming industry, we found a sharp new name for the company: PROM. Additionally, this name is tightly bound to our token $PROM. Now you can immediately tell that this cryptocurrency belongs to our project, isn’t this fun?

The Nearest Future

The Product

Now, we’re moving to the most interesting part: our future product. After months of research and testing, we think that we’ve found a perfect fit for the needs of the market. Prom becomes an all-inclusive NFT gaming platform, combining all the features that spark the interest of Web3 gamers.

Prom is your single point of access to the NFT gaming ecosystem. Rental and mortgage solutions, a marketplace for trading and exchanging NFT assets, tools for asset management, an educational section with detailed guides: and we’ve only started.

We aim high and have even bigger plans for the future. Additionally, Prom will launch a DEX, created especially for trading metaverse assets, and our own launchpad to provide support and visibility to rising gaming projects.

More information is coming up, so be sure to follow Prom for more.

The Launch

We already have a significant statement to make: the first version of our product will be launched in a month. Be sure not to miss it, stay tuned, and follow us on social media for further updates and news: we are happy to open up to you and share all the details of our big goal and diverse plan.

$PROM Stays Promising

Some things don’t change: token holders may stay calm, and, though the product is being restructured, there will be no swaps or redeployments.


Dear community, we’ve never been this amazed to share something with you before. However, it is only the beginning. Watch us grow from a clean sheet of paper, check our updates, and hold our flame!

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