GameFi: Top Web2 Contributors

2 min readApr 10, 2023


Blockchain gaming attracts thousands of players, and also companies that want to join the ride. You know some crypto ones, such as Animoca Brands funding 61 relevant projects. However, Web2 companies also play an essential part: Chainplay’s 2022 GameFi report even proves that 3 out of 4 contributors worldwide enter the world of blockchain thanks to GameFi. Let’s name some of them and point out their motivation!

Gaming Studios

Web2 gaming studios shift to promising GameFi, contributing to its development and adoption. For instance, being a notably non-blockchain metaverse, Roblox integrated Web3 with PlayDapp, where users can enjoy both unique NFT characters and Roblox ones, attend schools, go to the market, fish, or play football. Meanwhile, Ubisoft, a French video game publisher known for such titles as Assassin’s Creed, backed Cross the Age, the mobile-first collectible card game with a full value cycle.


VCs seem to be the main source of the known funding GameFi. So, let’s name a few of them. Galaxy Interactive wants to raise $325 million for GameFi. It contributes to well-known titles such as Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians. Bitkraft Ventures, a software engineering consultancy, announced to raise $75million for next-gen blockchain gaming projects. Meanwhile, LD Capital keeps supporting the blockchain world, boosting gaming platforms like Metaverse Magna.

Big Market Players

Meanwhile, VCs themselves are supported by the open market players. There are several famous giants highly interested in GameFi! For example, regarded as the world’s top blockchain-friendly contributor, Alphabet enhanced the blockchain industry with $1.5 billion into the sector, including such gaming companies as Dapper Labs.

Samsung poured sources in 13 blockchain projects, including Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, and CryptoKitties. Meanwhile, it also supported the very GameFi-empowering Animoca Brands! Another example is LG Technology Ventures, which contributed to Sandbox’s $93 million venture capital financing.


The main reasons for Web2 enthusiasts’ interest include the potentially “sustainable and rewarding” future of GameFi and the better adoption of F2P, making up 60% of the market. Next, they emphasize the opportunity to improve retention by empowering users’ ownership.

While deciding which projects to support, multiple factors are considered. Check data from several reports! Most contributors regard fun as the main driving force of GameFi projects that should be considered. 71% stand for the catchy gameplay, 69% focus on community, and 66% put backers and partners first. Meanwhile, impressive tokenomics are vital for 49% of respondents.


As you see, destined to grow bigger, GameFi keeps attracting Web2 titles. Thus, its wider adoption is expected. Hold on tight, and stay tuned to check whether it will come true!

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