GameFi Projects With VR Options

3 min readFeb 19, 2023

VR technologies always hit differently, and blockchain gaming is not an exception! So, let’s name P2E projects where players can earn by literally touching the digital world and figure out why these technologies boost the industry.

Sound Titles

According to the data from open sources, the list of blockchain games with VR opportunities has about 40 titles. Still, only a few of them have proven support for these technologies, including Victoria VR, Netvrk, and Revomon.

Victoria VR

Being the first Blockchain-based MMORPG in virtual reality, Victoria VR has impressive realistic graphics and enables users to communicate, work, play, learn, and earn by completing multiple quests and exploring the 3D world in the special VR equipment.


Netvrk is a metaverse where players can create, share, and monetize creations in a catchy futuristic reality. In these realms, one can craft merchandise, socialize, sell, party, travel, and have much fun.


As a bop role-playing game (RPG), Revomon enables users to socialize, collect exciting creatures, and experience such VR options as throwing, shooting, and free movement.

Why Do VR Options Slay?

According to market research, the VR industry is expected to reach $35 billion by 2025. It has already won the hearts of 100 million users who tease new reality with either mobile devices or peripherals for the PC. These figures are inspiring, aren’t they? Let’s spill the tea on how these technologies can be applied in blockchain gaming and highlight some of its no-cap efficient use cases.


It is not a secret that VR technologies enable users to receive information in a new way by activating sense organs we use in everyday life. Thus, VR players dive deeper into the gameplay and literally live in it. This approach may be DOPE for role-play gaming for stans of multiple fandoms because they can feel what their favorite characters feel. Meanwhile, physically tangible immersion can increase the efficiency of experienced P2E players tired of conventional gaming mechanics.

Business Options

VR in blockchain gaming brings customers’ personalization to the next level. For instance, various businesses, such as fashion stores with corners in metaverses, can let their customers try clothes on, sensing their texture, experiencing next-generation online shopping, and discovering whether the item fits them.

Physical Well-Being

Move-to-earn games like STEPN are viral, but VR technologies can boost their potential by enabling game developers to launch projects with unbeaten sports, adventures, and exercises that can keep players fit. For instance, people, who have regarded fencing as a part of their life because their city lacked sports sections of this kind, can discover this opportunity, get impressive skills, and upgrade their muscles at home.


Young and bold, blockchain gaming is unlocking new dank opportunities with VR technologies with fantastic potential and benefits. Will their wider adoption bring the industry to the next level or not? Time will show. Let’s wait for the launch of next-gen projects and explore the existing ones with Prom.

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