First NFT Collection is Coming to Prom Chain

2 min readMar 31, 2024

Community, we’ve promised to keep our network gradually updated, and we’re back with existing news: True Gems — first NFT collection is on its way to Prom. This is another milestone for us, and it offers you the chance to own a unique, tokenized representation of your membership in the Prom community. Let’s get into the details before the mint begins.

Collection Overview

The first Prom collection, named “True Gems,” consists of 10,000 unique NFTs available to community members that are quick enough to claim their spot as collection holders. To mark the launch of our first-ever NFT collection, we’re offering a free mint for users, with a limit of one NFT per wallet. This is more than just an NFT, it’s a symbol of your support and involvement with Prom.

How to mint?

The mint will go live on April, 2 and as usual, we will provide instructions on how to successfully go through the process.

Being a Prom NFT collection holder comes with responsibility and some additional utilities that we will disclose later. So make sure you’re tuned in to our announcements.

Become a Prom OG

This launch is not just about introducing an NFT collection; it’s a celebration of our community having a vital role in the growth and evolution of the Prom ecosystem.

Stay connected for more updates as we get closer to the mint: Prom OGs are always on time, after all.

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