First major update: Memezator 2.0

Greetings, dear Prometeus supporters and Memezator participants and welcome to another episode of the Memezator community update. We know that you all are waiting for the details of the contest 2.0 and now it’s time to give more details on that. In the article below you can find the list of new features and fixes. Memezator 2.0 will go live already tomorrow, you will be able to submit new memes starting from 00:05 CET 14/10/2020.

Voting Power boost

That is the main feature of the Memezator 2.0. It allows users to boost their voting power in order to increase their share in the reward pool and chances of their Memes to win.

Now you can boost your voting power by spending PROM. 1 PROM equals 200 additional voting power. The PROM that has been spent on voting power boost goes directly into the reward pool of the day.

For example, the initial reward pool of the day is 1000 PROM, in total, users spent 500 PROM to boost their voting power. Which means that the pool of the day increased to 1500 PROM.

VP boost also gives you an individual advantage over other accounts on top of meme boost and increases your chances to get a bigger prize. As our distribution system is based on lottery principles, where 1 Voting power equals 1 memezator ticket, more voting power means a bigger percentage of the daily reward pool. For more details on lottery principles and ticket systems, please check out our previous article.

To boost your voting power, press on the “Buy power” button, and follow the instructions.

Current reward pool

In order to check the sustainability of the Voting power boost system, we will set the initial reward pool of memezator at 1000 PROM per day.

This amount will remain at the same level until we will gather more information about voting power balance and the right costs of the boost.

Please note, that 1000 PROM does not include bonus PROM spent on voting power boost.

Changes in the reward distribution process

As far as you all noticed, we had some delays in reward distribution, caused by previously mentioned reasons.

To avoid this issue in Memezator 2.0, we’ve implemented the new distribution system that will send all rewards once a week (every Sunday).

All previous rewards already have been distributed to the end-users, except the ones who previously had 1 voting power and abused the system. Those accounts won’t be credited with PROM.

Other updates

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