Ecosystem Rally Campaign: Split $10,000 in PROM

3 min readMay 27, 2024

Community, as you might have noticed, Prom Ecosystem is rapidly expanding with amazing projects contributing to the future of Web3 space. We’re extremely excited to welcome new products onboard and want to celebrate it with a special community event to help you get to know our ecosystem better and get rewarded for participation. Tune in for details.

TL;DR: Main Info

Place: Prom Zealy Space
Campaign Type: Task-based Zealy Sprint
Campaign Period: May 27th — June 27th
Prize Pool: $10,000 in PROM
Prize Places: 200 + Bonus Random Rewards

Get started right now on Zealy and top the leaderboard

The campaign will be held as a sprint on Zealy (a member of our ecosystem as well). As a participant, you will be offered to complete various tasks related to the projects in our ecosystem, from social-based tasks to interacting with different products.

Each project will have a dedicated Zealy module for your convenience: you’re free to choose the most interesting tasks and complete them in your preferred order. Just make sure you do your best; the number of winners is limited.

The leaderboard of the campaign would be separated from the main Prom Zealy leaderboard, so all the participants and newcomers will be equal. Rewards will also be distributed based on the positions in the sprint leaderboard.

For our Validator campaign participants, the XP for the ecosystem campaign will also be included in the total count, so it’s a good opportunity to secure a spot among Prom DAO Validators and break into the top.

Campaign Structure

All the campaign tasks open simultaneously after the campaign launch. However, you must reach Level 2 on Prom Zealy Space to start completing the tasks. If you are a newcomer, you must complete Prom Onboarding tasks. If you have already reached Level 2, you can start immediately.

The campaign consists of multiple task modules. One module equals one Ecosystem Project. You can find all the related tasks by looking for the “Ecosystem Rally: Project Name” modules on Zealy.

Some tasks are simpler and require a social following, while others are more interesting and offer an opportunity to interact directly with the product, giving participants more XP.

Prize Pool Distribution

The main prize pool will be distributed among the top 200 sprint leaderboard leaders. The higher you rank, the bigger the reward you get. Check the full reward split below:

But that’s not it: we will also reward random users throughout the campaign. The bonus rewards are not tied to the XP you get during the campaign; you are eligible to get a bonus reward as soon as you enter the campaign and the sprint leaderboard. Your luck is all that is needed to get a reward.

NOTE: If you are a newcomer in our Zealy space, you will be offered to input your Prom address once you start with the tasks. The rewards will be distributed on Prom network and will become claimable once we move to the mainnet.

Thus, make sure you are connected to Prom network and use the correct wallet address in the field that requires to leave one once you get started with tasks.

Learn how to add Prom network to your wallet here

Ready, Set, Go

The campaign is already live: enter our Zealy Space, complete the Onboarding and get started. Remember, if you have any questions regarding the campaign, our team is always there to help you out on Discord and Telegram Chat.

Good luck!

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