Delegate Campaign is Live

3 min readMar 28, 2024


Participants in the Delegate Campaign will be allocated $PROM tokens as a form of voting power within Prom DAO. Please note, that these tokens are delegated, meaning these tokens cannot be used for withdrawal, transfer, or external use. The delegated tokens are specifically distributed for voting purposes within the Prom DAO ecosystem. However, by actively using these tokens for voting, participants will earn 100% of the possible rewards generated from the delegated tokens. By participating in the campaign, you accept these conditions regarding token delegation and reward distribution.

Day X has come: the Delegate Campaign Dashboard is live on Prom’s Testnet, meaning very soon 1,000,000 $PROM would be shared among future delegates. The campaign would last till the end of the Prom’s testnet.

In this guide-article we will once again cover all the necessities that will help you smoothly onboard.

I’ve missed everything. What is a Delegate Campaign?

In case you’re new to our community, we suggest you look through our previous article to have a better vision of the campaign and Prom DAO, as Delegates are an essential part of it.

Click here to dive deeper into Prom DAO, its functions and structure, and follow this one, to find full rules of the Delegate Campaign and how to maximize your points during the campaign, and consequently $PROM you get in delegation.

TL;DR: In the structure of Prom DAO delegates are elected representatives who get a part of tokens from other $PROM holders for their active participation in the life of the ecosystem. You can become a delegate of the first wave by completing on-chain & off-chain activities during the campaign.

The amount of tokens participants get into delegation are tied to the amount of the activity tokens you gain during the campaign. The campaign is free to enter, and your time is the only investment required to participate.

Tasks Description

You can earn activity points for different tasks that could be divided in the following categories:

  • Daily activities;
  • Transactions;
  • Social activities;
  • Participation in other campaigns with side projects

The full list of tasks with detailed description is already live on the Testnet Dashboard. Feel free to enter.

How to Get Started?

  1. Enter Testnet Dashboard & connect your wallet:
  2. View the list of all the activities & achievements: note, some of them are on-chain, while others are required to be claimed on Prom’s official Zealy Space.
  3. Start completing the tasks from the main list & maximize your points by completing achievements that work as multipliers.
  4. Track your progress from the dashboard, it updates automatically. View your current $PROM balance, testnet score, and multiplier.

Note: To claim social tasks on Zealy, please use the same wallet address you’ve used to connect to the testnet so your claims would be attributed to you correctly.

Reward Distribution

The prize pool of 1,000,000 $PROM will be delegated to top testnet users based on their activity score. The delegated tokens won’t be available for withdrawals, however, DAO delegates will be able to earn a part of transaction fees on the prize pool amount. Alongside with Prom DAO Validators, Delegates become the shareholders of the whole Prom network.

Please be aware that failure to participate in community voting could lead to the retrieval of your delegated stake without prior notice.

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