Become a Prom DAO Validator & Get Rewarded for Contribution

5 min readMar 26, 2024

Great news should come in pack: yesterday we announced the upcoming Delegate campaign, but there’s another layer of Prom DAO waiting to be unveiled.

On March 29, we will officially launch the Validator Campaign to grant a limited number of community members the power to act as a special layer inside the Prom DAO and get a share of the total network fees for their contribution.

Apart from getting a 2% share of the total network fees, Validators are highly valuable for the project as community force drivers. They bring a unique social impact to the life of the project, helping us to build a community-focused inclusive space. Validators carry a responsible mission of the project Ambassadorship, maintaining the flow of the network development within the DAO and creating social connections outside its realms. That’s the reason behind the social-focused nature of the Validators campaign: we’re looking for community members that can truly transmit the project’s values to the diverse crypto space.

The campaign will run till the end of the Prom’s testnet.

Let’s dive deeper into the details.

Validators: The Security Committee of Prom DAO

If you need a reminder of how Prom DAO will function, check out the dedicated article. If you feel like you remember the basics, let’s cover the importance of DAO Validators straight away.

Validators act as a secondary level above regular DAO members and delegates. Their main function is to provide an additional evaluation of the proposals that passed the first stage of voting. Validators are highly crucial for maintaining the right direction of the product development as they have the power to either accept or reject the proposal in order to act in favor of the general vision of the product.

Unlike delegates, the number of Validators is more limited and consists of the loyal community members who have proven to have the needed expertise and product knowledge to perform valuable decision-making.

As we stated above, Validators are rewarded with a share of the total network fees. This share of 2% is divided equally between all Validators. The amount of rewards for Validators consequently increases alongside increased network activity.

Validator Campaign: Brief Intro

Prom DAO Validators would be chosen through a campaign carried out via Zealy Sprint. The sprint would be active till the end of the Prom’s testnet. During the campaign you would be welcome to complete various Prom-related tasks focused on creating product awareness and community building.

All tasks would be divided into 5 Tiers. With each tier, the difficulty of the tasks increases, but so do the task points. Your goal: gain as many points throughout the campaign as possible. The final list of Prom DAO Validators would be based on the leaderboard positions at the end of the campaign.

The title of DAO Validator would be granted to top Zealy Sprint leaders.

If you haven’t had an opportunity to previously interact with Zealy interface or any similar quest platforms, don’t worry. All the tasks for Zealy sprint would be accompanied with detailed descriptions and our team will stay in touch during the campaign to help you out in case of any questions.

Zealy Levels & Tiers


Every Zealy user has a certain level based on the number of XP acquired by completing tasks. Learn more about XP and levels here.

All the participants are equal at the start of the campaign: everyone will start from Level 1, so no one has a time advantage. To access the Validators Campaign tasks, finish the onboarding and get your first 100 XP to reach Level 2. You will find the list of onboarding quests under the “Validators Campaign: Onboarding” title. After you complete the onboarding, you are free to start claiming quests from other Tiers.

Task Tier System

We’ve prepared multiple tasks for you and divided them into 5 task groups aka tiers. The difficulty of tasks increases from tier to tier, meaning tier 1 is simplest and less time consuming. To open new tasks, you need to increase your XP level.

Check out the correlation between task tiers and levels needed to open new tasks:

Please note, we’re running two different campaigns at a time: Delegate Campaign and Validator Campaign. Make sure you complete the right tasks in accordance with the campaign you’re joining. You can participate in both campaigns, just note that Delegate campaign quests are not counted in the Validator sprint.

How to Join the Campaign?

  1. Enter the official Prom’s Zealy Space

2. Connect your wallet and create a Zealy account

3. Proceed with the campaign tasks: you can track the current position on the leaderboard by entering “Leaderboard” section, points for claimed quests update automatically after they get accepted.

Important Notes

  1. Many of the campaign quests are content-related. Our team manually reviews every quest in order to keep the competition fair. Make sure you carefully read the description of each quest for it to be accepted. If one of the quest requirements is not fulfilled or your entry seems irrelevant to the task, it will be rejected.
  2. Stealing from other contestants or copy-pasting our own posts are forbidden. Again, we value your contribution and want to make the competition as fair and transparent as possible. Please, avoid copying your own entries and stealing content from others: if our team suspects you are stealing, you would be disqualified from the campaign.
  3. We would do our best to review the tasks quickly but as every entry is reviewed manually, it might take some time. Please, be patient: your entry won’t get lost and we will make sure to review every quest before the campaign ends.
  4. In order to get to the top of the leaderboard, you don’t necessarily have to complete all the tasks. However, we suggest to think out of the box, and diversify the types of content you go for. Note, that every task has a cooldown period, meaning, you can submit some of the tasks on a regular basis.
  5. If you’ve stumbled across an issue that we haven’t covered in the article, feel free to contact our team on Discord or Telegram Chat: we will make sure to reach out and help you with your problem.

Next Steps

The Validators Campaign on Zealy would launch on March 29. Make sure to track our socials to be among the first participants to start collecting quest points. And if you’re reading this, you have a fair chance to be among the future Prom DAO Validators? See you!

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