2023: The Next Stage For NFT Gaming

3 min readFeb 25, 2023

2022 was a sound epoch for blockchain gaming, but 2023 is already regarded as a ‘buidl’ stage. So, let’s point out whether this statement is true and highlight why this year is no fad important for the industry.

Is The Hype Over?

During the last two years, blockchain gaming was a viral concept thanks to metaverses, earning opportunities, well-known titles, and a constantly growing user base. Crypto fans went nuts about NFT gaming projects’ options, and even their haters recognized the field’s efficiency and influence on the gaming industry.

In 2023, however, P2E is not this loud anymore, with skeptics claiming that “the bubble popped” and nobody would be interested in blockchain gaming development. Fortunately, market figures prove the opposite: according to this research, over 1.7 million users switched from Web 2 to Web 3 gaming in a single week.

Meanwhile, 75% of game studios integrate NFTs into their existing projects, Web 2 gaming platforms start listing Web3 games, and investors get more interested in piling into P2E. As for holders, they keep holding their assets because they expect growth.

Thus, blockchain gaming doesn’t seem to be fading. Instead, it has gained recognition, empowered, and continued to grow. The difference is that it all goes without extra fanfare: players and developers gained experience and raised their expectations. It seems like an actual ‘buidl’ stage for the industry but is also a road up.

2023: The Road Up

Problems Highlighted

During the comparatively short history of blockchain gaming, the industry has already determined its weak sides, such as the overflow of similar projects putting the earning component first and forgetting about the fun side. Next, it recognized what to do with conventional gameplay, classy plots, predictable characters, and dull skins. Then, it needed more standards and more substantial representation.

The Work To Be Done

This year, with multiple awaited projects and Next-gen titles announced, blockchain gaming is shaping strategies to solve all the distinguished problems efficiently for players and investors.

To complete this quest, the industry representatives are hiring expert teams, digging for fresh concepts, boosting technologies, and, importantly, teasing snatched plots. For instance, blockchain gaming studios must dig for unconventional storylines without repeating Axie Infinity’s breeding scheme. Probably, some newborn projects already steal the show. For example, Big Time won the Game Of The Year award in 2022 thanks to its intriguing storyline.

Undoubtedly, the development of such efficient projects requires money, and investors need well-shaped roadmaps and exact budgets. Now game creators, who earlier used to set small stages, have a realistic attitude to their deadlines and learn how to manage finances in a well-minded way or monetize games months before their launch. For this, they need adequate representation and collaboration.

Prom significantly contributes to this process, being an all-in-one access point for projects and players. However, to help the industry bloom, more events and activities are to be shaped in 2023 by each game that wants to become CEO of blockchain gaming and successfully enter the market.

Extra Complications

Predictably, projects that will not manage to maximize their creative and technical sides or show they are not playing the long game will fail to enter the market. The industry will not let low-quality projects pass because the competition is supposed to be vibrant due to already bop projects migrating from Web 2 and the overall situation in the blockchain world that made investors comparatively timid. However, experts believe this is likely to culminate in a big game, with P2E becoming the key model for players worldwide. Will this blockchain gaming dream come true? Time will tell.


Being a no-cap ‘buidl’ stage for holders, 2023 will be very fruitful for the industry, solving its problems and polishing its strengths. Thus, watch the exciting processes and get the bop details with Prom!

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