10 Reasons Web2 Players Should Try NFT Gaming

3 min readFeb 4, 2023


By 2023, NFT gaming has already proven to be a dank option to play, earn, and have much fun. Meanwhile, some Web2 players still hesitate to give it a try. Let’s motivate them with ten bop reasons!

New Experiences

Even if you are a fan of exact games, you can benefit from a change of scenery! With various modes and earning opportunities, blockchain gaming hits differently. Give it a try not to lose the spark for playing and broaden your gaming outlook.

Earning Opportunities

It is not a secret that to monetize one’s love for classy gaming, a person needs to grow into a CEO of playing. In other words, one is supposed to grow into a well-known professional streaming their processing and constantly participating in various tournaments. All this is exciting but requires significant investments. At the same time, Web3 alternatives have a low entry barrier and grant actual revenues to any enthusiasts. Some fans even turn playing into their stable source of income. Thus, blockchain gaming is a no-drama way to earn.


If you think decentralization is just a catchphrase, you definitely have never experienced blockchain gaming! Long story short: this approach enables you to have complete control over your assets, for example, weapons or gaming characters, and influence projects’ development. Can you imagine this freedom in Web2 gaming?

Friendly Community

Haters keep hating. So, with misogyny, racism, and ageism being common in players’ chats, gaming tends to fail the healthy vibe check. However, the situation is different, with an anonymous and well-knit community of gamers collaborating to win and earn money. They do their best to be patient, polite, and kind. Be sure to experience such a friendly atmosphere!

Next Gen Projects

Next-gen is a hyped concept in the realm of gaming. But it is not camp: Web3 projects are among the early adopters of new technologies. So, if you want to feel like a true visionaire, you are welcome to experience upcoming blockchain games.

Breathtaking Metaverses

Metaverses are in the air. Metaverses are everywhere. And these metaverses are an essential part of the blockchain gaming industry. To experience them is to broaden your outlook, try a new life, earn, and even make your wildest dreams come true. For instance, even if you are not ready to start a business in the real world, you can buy some land in a metaverse and run it, hiring people, working on your marketing, collaborating with other brands, and, importantly, gaining true profits.

Creative Inspiration

The Web3 gaming market is very young. So, if you are interested in launching your project, it is a fruitful field. To get convinced, explore P2E projects, analyze their pros and cons, and get inspiration to make something dope. Just believe in yourself and boost your creativity by navigating from the existing modes, gameplays, and storylines.

Cognitive Training

It has been scientifically proven that gaming keeps us bright. While playing, we are upgrading our logical thinking, soft skills, etc. Meanwhile, P2E brings it to the next level with monetary motivation, new tactics, and the adoption of the clip thinking cognitive needs.

Passive Income

Even if you are a creature of habit who wants to devote your life to Web2 gaming, you still can benefit from P2E options. All you need is to buy worthy assets, lend them to blockchain gaming lovers, or hold them to sell later and gain extra profits. Thus, NFT games can bring you the main character vibes and revenues without actual action!

Strong GameFi Influence

Experts claim that Web3 gaming has an impressive positive impact on the whole gaming industry. Indeed, you can read multiple articles on it, but the best way to understand and analyze this change is empiric. Play, earn, and explore the strengths of Web3 that can reshape gaming.


More than a hyped industry, NFT gaming steals the scene thanks to its high-quality projects, inspiring earning opportunities, and other benefits that are not common for classy gaming. We can keep describing them vividly, but it is still a writing aesthetic. Make it action and check the vibes yourself!

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